ADNF PhD/ECR Seminar Blitz

(NEW *videos available for all presenters! – see below*)

Tuesday 8th December 2020, 9am AEST

Online ZOOM venue:

Networking Theme: The mission of the ADNF is to provide year-long engagement for Australasian Neuroscience Society Members and colleagues all over the world with an interest in developmental neuroscience.  We are proud to present our inaugural symposium featuring seminars from PhD students and early career researchers.

Areas of Research Focus:

• Fundamental cellular and molecular mechanisms that underlie the development and homeostasis of the nervous system

• New research techniques, experimental models and approaches

Program: Each speaker delivers an 8 min seminar, with 2-4 mins of question time.

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Program outline (also available here):

9:00am AEST: Introduction and opening address

9:05:   Gerry Ma, PhD BioLegend (*video available here!*)

9:10:   Robin Dard (PhD student) INMED, INSERM, Marseille, France

Imaging early hippocampal network activity (*video available here!*)

9:25:   Erwan Leprince (PhD student)  INMED, INSERM, Marseille, France

Modulation of hippocampal dynamics by extra-hippocampal afferences during development (*video available here!*)

9:40:   Lara Rogerson-Wood  (PhD student) University of Sydney, Sydney, AUS

Microglial-mediated-phagocytosis underlies environmental enrichments corrective influence on a murine axonal-guidance defect (*video available here!*)

9:55:   Rachel Moore (ECR) King’s College, London, UK

Microtubules are not required for the initial stages of axon initiation in spinal neurons in vivo (*seminar postponed due to early arrival of baby – congratulations Rachel and all the best!*)

10:10:  Lachlan Harris (ECR)  Francis Crick Institute, London, UK

Progressive accumulation of resting cells ensures the lifelong maintenance of the hippocampal stem cell population (*video available here!*)

10:25:  Emmanuel Marquez Legorreta (ECR) QBI, Brisbane, AUS

Brain-wide visual habituation networks (*video available here!*)

10:40:  Closing address, presentation of awards, event close


Our program is available here.

On behalf of the ADNF team, THANK YOU to our our past, present and future speakers for contributing to our regular series!

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