We love to support the scientific writing excellence of all of our clients, irrespective of their cultural and ethnic background.  To non-native English speakers as well as native English speakers, scientific writing can be a significant challenge to master! 

At Remotely Consulting, we have worked clients from more than 15 universities and 8 research institutions and not-for-profit organizations from all over the world to accelerate their manuscript publishing KPIs.  Many of our clients come from a non-native English speaking background and appreciate our FAST, HIGH-QUALITY and EFFICIENT services. 

This year, on the 1st of February 2023, we are launching an English-language translation and scientific editing service of your manuscript!

What do I get with this English-language translation and scientific editing service of my manuscript?

– A copy of your manuscript in any native language (e.g. Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Italian, etc) translated into English
– A copy of your English-language translated manuscript with our detailed edits (grammar, sentence structure, scientific flow and logical reasoning, etc), as well as comments and recommendations
– An editing report on our English-language scientific editing services rendered
– Recommendation of suitable journals for your manuscript, if needed
– A certificate authenticating the use of our services
– (optional) 30 minutes of video-conferencing support with Julian Heng to discuss your application

To let us work with you, please send us an email (remotelyconsulting@gmail.com) along with with your manuscript file(s) of your native language and we will send you a detailed quote for our work within 24 hours. 

Thank you very much for trusting us with your written science.  We hope to work with you very soon!

Yours sincerely,

The Team at Remotely Consulting 

Feedback from our clients:

“Thank you very much, much appreciate you working so much and comprehensively on [our paper].”

(Lecturer, Teaching & Research)

“Thank you very much for your professional and detailed polish, and for your great effort. We are very satisfied with the manuscript after your polish, and we recognize your professionalism and authority very much. I look forward to working with you next time, and I will introduce you to many of my friends and look forward to working with them as well.”

(Professor, Teaching & Research)

“Your business is what a drowning PI needs.”

(Associate Professor, Research)

We would like to thank clients from the following organizations for trusting us with their work:

Let us work with you to bring the best out of your life sciences research!

Best regards,


JULIAN HENG BSc(Hons), PhD, DipCouns

Founder and Director, Remotely Consulting

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