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The universal Key Performance Indicator (KPI) of ALL scientists is publications.

Writing a good story and presenting excellent data is merely the start of the journey for your science to reach a wide audience. To publish your research, you will need to (i) identify which journals you are interested to publish with; (ii) format your manuscript accordingly; (iii) write a cover letter to convince a receiving editor to consider your manuscript for peer review; (iv) manage editorial correspondence from the journal; (v) plan your response to reviewers’ comments in a well-considered letter of rebuttal; and, (vi) decide how to make your manuscript accessible to your audience, such as through open-access or paid subscription. 

Today, I am pleased to announce that my company, Remotely Consulting, is offering to work in partnership with 888 life scientists to publish their research manuscripts for AUD$888 each. 

What we provide: We will work in partnership with you to prepare your manuscript for submission to a journal.  For this, we will provide (i) English-language scientific editing of your manuscript text for structure, flow, and compatibility with the target journal’s expectations; (ii) writing support to prepare cover letters and editorial correspondence; (iii) tips and strategies as you prepare your letter of rebuttal in response to reviewers’ comments; (iv) 30 minutes of video-conferencing support with our principal, Julian Heng to discuss your manuscript; (v) a plagiarism check as an option (see terms and conditions*).

How to participate: Send your full manuscript draft (8880 words or less, excluding references) to me at remotelyconsulting@gmail.com and pay our one-off fee of AUD$888 for our service:


We will reply within 24 hours of receipt of payment with an invoice to you that confirms that your project is ready to receive our special “888 for 888” package of editing services.

We also accept PO numbers from research units. Contact us and we can set you up immediately! 

Why are we offering this?  The answer is simple. To give back. As a life scientist with two decades’ experience, publishing 55 research manuscripts with over 120 co-authors from more than 20 countries all over the world, in journals including NatureNeuronCell ReportsNature Cell Biology and Human Mutation; I am bringing all my lived experience in manuscript writing, editing and publishing to support the next generation of life scientists to tell their research stories.

How long will this offer last?  Starting today, I am running this campaign for 888 days.

Can I work with Julian/Remotely Consulting for more than one manuscript project?  Of course! Contact me on remotelyconsulting@gmail.com and I will make this happen for you.  

Has anyone taken up this offer since it was launched? YES!!!

Here is some feedback from our clients:

Your business is what a drowning PI needs.”
(Associate Professor, Research, RMIT University, Australia)

Thank you very much for your professional and detailed polish, and for your great effort. We are very satisfied with the manuscript after your polish, and we recognize your professionalism and authority very much. I look forward to working with you next time, and I will introduce you to many of my friends and look forward to working with them as well.
(Professor, Teaching & Research, China Medical University, Shenyang, China)

Thank you very much, much appreciate you working so much and comprehensively on [our paper].”
(Lecturer, Teaching & Research, University of Melbourne, Australia)

I am very satisfied with the work you done for me, including the professional English language, grammar & presentations, as well as the respond comments to reviewers and editors.”
(Researcher, Sichuan University, Chengdu, China)

I look forward to hearing from you and I wish you a wonderful day in the life sciences. Wherever you are.

Best regards,

Julian Heng BScPhDDip Couns

Founder and Director, Remotely Consulting

Thank you to our clients from the following universities, institutes and organizations:

*Our terms and conditions:

This offer is valid for manuscripts that are 8880 words or less (word count excludes references). If your manuscript is longer than 8880 words, we will recommend our service at a special rate to help bring your manuscript project to publication.  You are under no obligation to accept our offer of service when you receive a quotation from us. We work in partnership with you to prepare your manuscript for submission to a journal, however we do not guarantee that the manuscript will be sent out to review or accepted for publication.  Clients are responsible for all publication costs for your manuscript when it is accepted for publication. Remotely Consulting reserves the right to refuse a request for a service through the “888 for 888” initiative. If you are not completely satisfied with our service, we are willing to consider a refund. Plagiarism check is optional (priced at USD$108).

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