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REMOTELY CONSULTING is a manuscript and research editing services company. We offer English-language scientific editing services, workshops, as well as coaching and counselling. Our team is ready to serve YOU.

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The universal output of all researchers is publications.

Researchers publish high quality publications to attract funding, to attract high quality staff and students, to make discoveries that benefit humankind.

We provide English-language scientific editing and reviewing of research manuscripts, reports, dissertations, theses and grant applications.

Because we are life scientists, we can support your publication journey at every step of the way, from conception to writing to editing to submission as well as navigating peer review. Just ask us how.

In October 2022, we have launched a campaign to support life scientists to prepare their research manuscripts which has now helped over 150 scientists publish their research! Please see details here.


At Remotely Consulting, we know what the day-to-day life of a scientist is like.  We know what the politics of science at the workplace, in your sub-specialty, can all be like.  We know what sacrifices are made for a career in life sciences (moving abroad or away from home, acculturation etc).  We know that it can be difficult to celebrate a grant application win and not experience survivor’s guilt among colleagues applying to the same schemes but were not successful. Equally, sometimes we need to commiserate a rejected application, to grieve the loss of the hopes and dreams linked to the application so as to validate your feelings about the loss and carry on. For all of these issues and more, we are here to Listen. To Talk.

Book a session with us and we offer you a safe place to come to terms with what’s on your mind, as well as to discuss your blue sky ideas.

We Understand and Support our client’s science life.

Book a session with a member of our qualified life scientist team to meet online or in-person (subject to availability). We are here for you.


We serve life scientists at all levels to boost the careers of individuals (from students to professionals) and raise KPIs for life sciences departments, divisions and institutes.  We offer service arrangements with university departments and institutes to work in partnership with research faculty, staff and students. We are here to provide what you need for you and your colleagues to succeed.

We have packages for clients to support life sciences and biomedical/clinical research manuscript writing and grant preparation/editing/review as an affordable, regular service to individuals, university business units and research institutes. Many of our services offer 24-hour turnaround time.  We partner researchers to get their written work done.  Faster.

Write to us at remotelyconsulting@gmail.com to let us know how we may serve you, your lab, your colleagues, your department Institute, your University.

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Our Company Values:

Quality. Timeliness. Collaboration.

Our clients and partners

We wish to thank clients from the following Universities, Research Institutions and Organizations who have trusted us with their research projects:

Feedback from our clients

Thank you very much, much appreciate you working so much and comprehensively on [our paper].”

(Lecturer, Teaching & Research)

“Thank you very much for your professional and detailed polish, and for your great effort. We are very satisfied with the manuscript after your polish, and we recognize your professionalism and authority very much. I look forward to working with you next time, and I will introduce you to many of my friends and look forward to working with them as well.”

(Professor, Teaching & Research)

“Your business is what a drowning PI needs.”

(Associate Professor, Research)

Why choose Remotely Consulting?

Professional service

Guaranteed delivery


40+ years’ experience in all service areas offered.

Our work is Fast, High-quality and Reliable

Files are securely handled and deleted after use and as per instructed.

Upcoming events

Written Research Clinic: the Doctor is In!

Stuck with your writing?

Hey, are you experiencing grant-writer’s block or manuscript writers paralysis or thesis stasis syndrome? Yes, it happens to everyone, regardless of experience level.

What can I do?

We can help! Come and join this regular weekly event! It’s FREE!

Each week on Wednesday, we offer 15-minute sessions to participants who register with us and who want to discuss their writing/editing strategies for their paper/proposal, work through their strategic approach (e.g. research plans or peer review/rebuttal strategies), and more.

Send us an email (remotelyconsulting@gmail.com) with the following details:

1) Your contact details

2) Your concern (ie paper, grant application, thesis, other)

3) What you’d like from us (ie editing, reviewing, consulting, all of the above)

Why don’t you join us! 

Frequently asked questions

What is scientific editing?

Scientific editing refers to the specialized reviewing and correcting of scientific documents, such as research manuscripts, thesis dissertations and grant applications.

Professional science editors at Remotely Consulting provide a wide range of scientific editing services, including language editing, proofreading, copy editing, and more, to improve the readability and clarity of your written research, as well as checking for consistency in terminology and formatting.

How will scientific editing help me?
    • Data and details are what matters in a scientific paper. Professional editors work with you to shape your science story, ensuring your paper is clear, concise, compelling and accurate to the data you have collected. Therefore, professional science editors can make your work more easily understandable for your target audience.
    • A good professional editor with experience in publishing at the highest levels, such as those working within Remotely Consulting, will understand your research, even if they are not experts in your sub-specialty. Our editors can return your manuscript with their high-quality editing work in as little as 24 hours. This means that you not only save time, but you gain momentum to submit your manuscript far sooner as well.
    • You increase the chances of your manuscript being accepted for publication. Most scientific journals are extremely supportive of authors engaging in professional scientific editing support for preparing manuscripts. By indicating that you have engaged a professional editor to prepare your manuscript, the handling editor of the receiving journal will know that you are serious about bringing your best English-language scientific story to their attention. This, along with the high-quality editing service, increases your chances of your paper being accepted for publication.
    • You gain experience from an industry professional. Good scientific editors not only edit your manuscript text. Often, they quickly familiarize themselves with your manuscript and can provide strategic advice for navigating peer review and rebuttal documents, as well as signal potential pitfalls and shortcomings of the work. When you work with a professional scientific editor, you learn how to be a better scientific writer, better able to navigate peer review.
    • Scientific writing is an art. Working with us means you also improve in your writing skills. Professional editing services benefit BOTH native or non-native English speakers. For non-native English speakers, our work can serve as a bridge to overcome potential language barriers that impact the quality and clarity of scientific writing. For native English speakers, because we have published in top journals, we can not only improve your manuscript text, but also offer strategic advice on how to position your work to a journal. Why don’t you give us a try!
What are professional scientific editing services?

Scientific editing services refer to the process of reviewing and correcting scientific documents to ensure that they are clear, concise, and accurate. This can include language editing to improve the overall readability and clarity of the document, as well as checking for consistency in terminology, citations, and formatting. Scientific editing services may be used for a wide range of documents, including research manuscripts, grant proposals, conference abstracts, and theses.

Scientific editing can be especially important for non-native English speakers, as language barriers can often impact the quality and clarity of their writing. Professional scientific editing services can help to ensure that the language in a scientific document is of the highest standard, allowing the content of the research to be fully understood and appreciated by the intended audience.

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