REMOTELY CONSULTING is an academic services company.

We offer English-language scientific editing services, workshops, as well as coaching and counselling.


The universal output of all researchers is publications.

Researchers need high quality publications to attract funding, to attract high quality staff and students, to make discoveries that benefit humankind.

At REMOTELY CONSULTING, we work in partnership with you to edit your manuscripts, grant proposals and dissertations. We also deliver training workshops on scientific writing, as well as provide coaching and counselling for life scientists.

Let us work in partnership with you to produce more high quality publications, grant proposals and student dissertations, so that you can attract more funding and continue to do great research.

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Our Company Values

Collaboration. Timeliness. Quality.

Our services


We provide English-language scientific editing and reviewing of research manuscripts, reports, dissertations, theses and grant applications.

Because we are life scientists, we can help you put together your manuscript right from the start. Just ask us how.

We have packages for clients to support life sciences and biomedical/clinical research report writing as an affordable, regular service to individuals as well as to university business units and research institutes. Many of our services offer 24-hour turnaround time.  We partner researchers to get their written work done.  Faster.

At Remotely Consulting, we know what the day-to-day life of a scientist is like.  We know what the politics of science at the workplace, in your sub-specialty, can all be like.  We know what sacrifices are made for a career in life sciences (moving abroad or away from home, acculturation etc).  We know that it can be difficult to celebrate a grant application win and not experience survivor’s guilt among colleagues applying to the same schemes but were not successful. Equally, sometimes we need to commiserate a rejected application, to grieve the loss of the hopes and dreams linked to the application so as to validate your feelings about the loss and carry on. For all of these issues and more, we are here to Listen. To Talk.

When you book a session with us, we offer you a safe place to come to terms with what’s on your mind, as well as to discuss your blue sky ideas, and even support you as you drill-down on your commercialization and intellectual property leads.  We Understand and Support our client’s science life.

Book a session with a member of our qualified life scientist team to meet online or in-person (subject to availability). We are here for you.

We serve life scientists at all levels to boost the careers of individuals (from students to professionals) and raise KPIs for life sciences departments, divisions and institutes.  We offer service arrangements with university departments and institutes to work in partnership with research faculty, staff and students. We are here to provide what you need for you and your colleagues to succeed.

Write to us at to let us know how we may serve you, your lab, your colleagues, your department Institute, your University.

You are welcome to a copy of our products and services guide, here.

Remotely Consulting is launching now, when hiring new staff and recruiting talented students for schools, departments, research units and labs have altogether become more expensive and competitive than ever. By offering dedicated services to support the preparation of manuscripts, dissertations, grant applications and grant reviews, we partner life scientists, biomedical professionals and clinicians, as well as their existing talented personnel to reach performance targets, fast-track career progression and maximise research communication and publication output at all levels.  This leads to greater visibility for our clients’ work, their lab, their research/clinical department, their institute, their university.”

Julian Heng, Founder and Director, Remotely Consulting

Remotely Consulting was launched on August 16th, 2022. Our Founder and Director, Julian Heng, is a 17-year veteran of the life sciences and a qualified counsellor.  Julian has so far worked in five universities, four research institutes and three out of eight of the top Australian Go8 universities (University of Melbourne, Monash University University of Western Australia),

Julian rose to the rank of Associate Professor in two universities, winning >AUD$5M in research funding (AUD$3M as lead) including 10 project grants and 2 Fellowships as well as other university/philanthropic grants. He has published research findings with over 120 authors from more than a dozen different countries and in journals including Nature (2008) and Cell Reports (2012, 2016, 2020).

Julian has mentored over three dozen staff and students towards their chosen careers, as well as serving administrative and national oversight roles while reviewing manuscripts for dozens of journal titles as well as grant applications for funding agencies all over the world, and more.

Julian brings all of his lived experience in the life sciences when working with our clients, supporting the academic publishing and career progression of life scientists and biomedical professionals that partner with Remotely Consulting

Please contact us at to book a free 15-minute consultation with our Founder, Julian Heng, to help us understand your needs. 

We look forward to hearing how we may serve you. 

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