Hello, and welcome to the site for some information on Julian Ik-Tsen Heng BSc(Hons) PhD DipCouns

Julian is a dad, husband and life scientist.  Julian is Founder and Director of Remotely Consulting, an academic services company that provides scientific editing services, research paper editing services, grant application services, and more.

Remotely Consulting works in partnership with life scientists at all levels to boost the careers of individuals (from students to professionals) and raise KPIs for life sciences departments, divisions and institutes.  Take a look at our company’s services here.

Brief profile:

Julian is an 18-year veteran of the life sciences, a mentor as well as a qualified counsellor.  Julian has worked at five universities, four research institutes and three out of eight Group of Eight (Go8) Australian universities (University of Melbourne, Monash University, University of Western Australia).  He rose to the rank of Associate Professor at two universities.

As a researcher, Julian has so far won >AUD$5M in research funding (AUD$3M as lead) including 9 project grants and 2 Fellowships from the Australian National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC), an Discovery grant from the Australian Research Council as well as university and philanthropic grants.

Julian has published life sciences research with over 120 authors from more than a dozen different countries and in journals including Nature (2008), Cell Reports (2012, 2016, 2020), mentored over three dozen staff and students towards their chosen careers, served administrative and national oversight roles while reviewing manuscripts for dozens of journal titles as well as grant applications for funding agencies all over the world, and more.

Julian is also a qualified counsellor, practising with significant personal and professional life experience.  He runs Remotely Counselling, an online practice supporting clients from all backgrounds that experience: (1) grief and loss associated with the death of a loved one from illness/disease; (2) cultural challenges in grief, loss, and bereavement; (3) difficulties coping with genetic and neurological diseases; (4) life’s everyday challenges; (5) issues of identity (living abroad, acculturation) as a migrant; (6) mid-life malaise as a ‘sandwich generation’ parent.  You can reach him for such services and more, here.

You are welcome to view Julian’s LinkedIn profile, ORCID ID and Google Scholar details.

Why am I at this site?

You may be here because you have heard of Remotely Consulting, Julian’s academic services company serving life scientists.  You are welcome to take a look at his company’s services here.

Alternatively, you may be here because of your interest in the ANS Developmental Neuroscience Forum (ADNF), a forum founded by Julian and his colleagues in 2020 for developmental neuroscience researchers and fellow life sciences citizens to show and tell their work.  Julian has retired from ADNF duties and has handed over responsibilities to the Australasian Neuroscience Society (ANS), a peak body of Neuroscience in Australia and New Zealand since 1980.

What work does Julian Heng carry out as a life scientist?

Across Julian’s laboratory research career, he has worked to decipher the genetic basis for mammalian brain development and homeostasis, with two main goals. The first goal has been to understand how the brain is put together, such that we may harness this knowledge to develop improved molecular diagnostics that can detect genetic traits that influence neural cell morphogenesis and human brain assembly. The second goal has been to develop treatments that limit premature cell loss in the brain arising from injury and age-related neurodegeneration.

In 2022, Julian left university-based research to launch Remotely Consulting, an academic services company that works in partnership with life scientists at all levels to boost their careers, from students to professionals. Remotely Consulting also offers mentoring and consulting services to foster career journeys in the life sciences.  For more information, please take a look the products and services guide for Remotely Consulting, provided here in this link.