From conception to writing to editing to submission, and navigating peer review, we are here for you.

We are a team of life scientists with over 40 years’ lived experience in the preparation, editing and reviewing of research grant applications, peer review research manuscripts, student theses/dissertations and other scientific documents.

We have extensive experience supervising research staff and students, and we have served as external examiners for universities in the southern hemisphere.

Let us help you hit your grant funding, research publication and staff/student supervisory KPIs at every step of the way.

Research Manuscripts

English-language editing services for manuscripts at all stages of peer review.

Why? Is the paper ready? Is it nearly ready? Do you need help with crafting a rebuttal package? Do you need help to finally publish that work that has been in your drawer for too long? Let us work with you to publish all of your research, to successfully navigate peer review. We are ready to support you through the peer review process, from start to finish!

What we offer: special packages for research manuscript support where you only pay for the services that you need. We also provide writing and strategic support to prepare cover letters and editorial correspondence. We do all this and more for you within 3 business days from payment!

How? By experience, of course! Our team members had already published more than 90 peer-reviewed publications, and have collaborated with over 200 authors from 24 countries. We know publishing!

Grant Applications

Extensive editing and reviewing support services for applicants, service partnerships for research institutions.

Why? Writing a research grant involves many things: explaining the research problem you are solving, persuading the funding body that you have the answer and the track record and the means to collect the data to solve the problem, and to convey the outcomes of your research. All this with the written language for a general scientific audience.

What we offer: a personal service and up to three reviews of your grant application, extensive scientific support, a review of your final application in the style of an NHMRC/ARC grant assessor, video-conferencing support.

How? With over 40 years’ combined experience as life scientists, winning over AUD$15 million in Category 1 research funding, and more, we are ready to offer our experience and expertise to help you prepare your best application for the current funding round.

Thesis/Dissertation support

English-language editing services to support the preparation and evaluation of undergraduate, Master’s and PhD theses.

Why? Are you a research advisor that would like thesis support for all of your students? Perhaps you are a time-poor academic in need of help with your student’s theses? Or, you are a student that would like us to assist with your opus magnus.

What we offer: We provide tailored packages for thesis editing support that includes video-chat support, support for the preparation of responses to examiners’ comments, and more.

How? Our team has more than 35 years’ experience with undergraduate and postgraduate thesis supervision and examination. We have served as examiners for 7 universities in the southern hemisphere. We are ready to bring our collective experience to help you and your students publish thesis documents.

Feedback from our clients

We are delighted to have provided editing and consultation support to the following researchers and research teams:

Research manuscript projects that have cited our support:

Abo-Shaban T, Sharna SS, Hosie S, Lee CYQ, Balasuriya GK, McKeown SJ, Franks AE, Hill-Yardin EL. Journal of Neural Transmission (2022). (Impact Factor 4.38)

Wei W, Yang D, Chen X, Liang D, Zou L, Zhao X. Frontiers in Oncology (2022). (Impact Factor = 5.73)

Kyrlov AJ, Yu S, Newton AH, He J, Jusuf PR. Frontiers in Molecular Neuroscience (2023). (Impact Factor = 6.261)

Hamada N, Iwamoto I, Nagata KI. Journal of Neurochemistry (2023). (Impact Factor = 5.54)

Tan R, Yuan M, et al, and Liu Y. Thrombosis Research (2023). (Impact Factor = 10.47)

Zhao S, Piatkevich KD. Journal of Neurochemistry (2023). (Impact Factor = 5.54) doi:10.1111/jnc.15865

Fan J, Yan L, et al, and Zhao X. Journal of Hematology & Oncology (2023). (Impact Factor = 23.16)

Feedback from our grant writing partnership projects:

Thank you so much for these comprehensive comments. They are extremely helpful and I have been through them carefully.” (Research Associate Professor)

Thanks so much. You are very rigorous and I took your comments seriously.” (Professor and Director of Research)

Thank you so much for your fast feedback and NHMRC style report. Very much appreciated.” (Senior Research Fellow)

Feedback from our thesis editing services:

Finally l have submitted the Thesis. Thank you so much for all your support and feedback. l will keep you updated as soon as l get a reply from external examiners.” (PhD student)

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