Manuscript Editing

From conception to writing to editing to submitting your manuscript, and navigating peer review and preparing your rebuttal, we are here for you. Also, we can revive your manuscript that was rejected following editorial or peer review, and help you publish it.

Because we are life scientists with over 40 years’ lived experience in publishing peer reviewed research, we can support your publication journey at every step of the way.

Let us help you hit your publishing goals for this year!

Edit manuscript for submission

English-language editing services for manuscripts prior to submission.

Why? Is the paper ready? Is it nearly ready? Let us work with you to polish your manuscript and cover letter so that your work has the best chances for peer review!

What we offer: unlimited rounds of scientific editing of your manuscript text for structure, flow, and compatibility
with the target journal’s expectations. We also provide writing support to prepare cover letters and editorial correspondence. We do all this and more for you within 3 business days from payment!

How? Before working at Remotely Consulting, our team members had already published more than 90 peer-reviewed publications, and collaborating with over 200 authors from 24 countries. We know publishing!

Edit manuscript for revision

English-language editing services to meet the expectations of external reviewers and editors.

Why? During peer review, your manuscript is returned to you with comments. Here, you have to decide what more to do, what more to explain, and how to respond to reviewers’ comments.

What we offer: Our services provide a complete, concise, point-by-point response to reviewer’s comments, a version of your manuscript with our edits, a draft of your letter to the Editor, and an official certificate to prove that you have used our professional services.

How? With over 40 years’ combined experience as life scientists, publishing in leading, international journals, including Nature, PNAS, Cell Reports, and more; we know how to help prepare your revised manuscript so that it is accepted for publication.

Edit manuscript to revive

English-language editing services to revise rejected manuscripts so that they are ready for submission at another journal.

Why? Unfortunately, we all face rejections of our written research. Our unique manuscript revival service helps you overcome such a temporary setback and get the paper back on the publishing track.

What we offer: We provide you with a version of your manuscript with our edits, a manuscript editing service report, recommended journals that are suitable for your manuscript, and an official certificate to prove that you have used our professional services.

Why? Because all of your hard-fought research data deserves to be published as a public record of your contribution to our understanding of the world we live in. Let us helpyou achieve this!

Publications that cite Remotely Consulting

We are delighted to have provided editing and consultation support to research teams for the following manuscripts. Authors are free to decide to name us as contributors in the Acknowledgements section of their articles:

Abo-Shaban T, Sharna SS, Hosie S, Lee CYQ, Balasuriya GK, McKeown SJ, Franks AE, Hill-Yardin EL. Journal of Neural Transmission (2022). (Impact Factor 4.38)

Wei W, Yang D, Chen X, Liang D, Zou L, Zhao X. Frontiers in Oncology (2022). (Impact Factor = 5.73)

Kyrlov AJ, Yu S, Newton AH, He J, Jusuf PR. Frontiers in Molecular Neuroscience (2023). (Impact Factor = 6.261)

Hamada N, Iwamoto I, Nagata KI. Journal of Neurochemistry (2023). (Impact Factor = 5.54)

Tan R, Yuan M, et al, and Liu Y. Thrombosis Research (2023). (Impact Factor = 10.47)

Zhao S, Piatkevich KD. Journal of Neurochemistry (2023). (Impact Factor = 5.54) doi:10.1111/jnc.15865

Fan J, Yan L, et al, and Zhao X. Journal of Hematology & Oncology (2023). (Impact Factor = 23.16)

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